Invest in yourself

Imagine what it’s like to spend the majority of your adult life thinking that you’re mediocre at everything you do…in your job (building presentation slides, leading sales pitches, throwing together proposals), in your personal life (decorating your apartment, staying active, making … Continue reading

Signs that you’re totally crushing on yourself

Loving oneself can feel astonishingly similar to the twitterpated, warm rush of feels you get from falling for someone else. Nothing is more empowering than courting your inner badass with fancy dates, shiny presents, and some good ol’ tlc. Chances … Continue reading

Dance like everyone’s watching + other advice from two 20-somethings

There’s been a flood of ‘things I’ve learned’ articles across my Twitter and FB feeds lately. Most are voiced by people who want to target the young adult, twenty-something crowd. Being so near to age thirty, much of the advice … Continue reading

How to get over yourself + tap into your secret power

In my search for a place to call home here in this new city, I’ve spent a fair amount of time scanning Craigslist for future roommates. Though I’d prefer to live on my own, halving the monthly rent with another … Continue reading