Be Brave

A close friend recently asked me for advice, as she’s between jobs and feeling stuck in a rut. She’s made small moves, and isn’t seeing any lasting results. My advice to her was simple: If you want big results, make big moves. Take bigger chances. I saw the light bulb flicker behind her eyes. She smiled, as did I, because though what I said was a simple concept, it was just what she needed to hear. She realized there was way more she could do for herself to make forward progress, instead of doing the one-step-forward-two-steps-back dance she’s been doing.

About two years ago, I decided to make courage and intention my daily guides. Today, a friend shared with me an article titled 49 Reasons to be Brave, and it resonated big time. I thought back on all the impulsive, scary things I’ve done, all the safety and comfort I’ve sacrificed, the time and resources I’ve used up — in the journey to get where I am now… and how I wouldn’t change a damn thing, and how I can’t even begin to explain the wonder and awe I’ve felt as I’ve watched my life completely develop, like a gorgeous movie I want to re-watch over and over but simultaneously never want to end.

 Before I get too carried away, here are a few fantastic reasons to be brave that I’ve pulled from the article (and how those reasons got me where I am today):

#17. “Letting go of a relationship that only makes you feel at your worst” (I ended a very toxic relationship, in 2013 and this opened the door to getting to know myself, my true desires, my aspirations, all on a much deeper level… not to mention, this end allowed for a most wonderful beginning into a healthy, happy love life)

#20. “Prioritising genuine nourishment over false comfort” (I did a solo 90-day no drinking challenge, got back into running and hot yoga, de-toxed my life)

#22. “Believing that you can start, even though you’re not sure you can finish” (I entered myself into Portland art shows not knowing if I’d finish my paintings in time — but I did!, I started blogging, I started my own skin care business —

#27. “Leaving behind your home, your town and your friends because of an irresistible opportunity elsewhere” (I left behind my home of 8 years and amazing friends, because my gut/heart/intuition was tugging me in a different direction)

#29. “Deciding to learn to do something that makes you feel exposed, like public speaking, yoga or dancing” (I started sharing my story on this blog, I made dancing a daily ritual, I recently started taking voice lessons again here in Portland)

#39. “Going back to school or college to learn something you really love” (Changed career paths entirely, went from working in online advertising from 2007 – 2013 to becoming an esthetician and makeup artist  in 2014 and I am loving this new path)

Even if being brave doesn’t come naturally to you, it is always there for the taking. You can choose to be brave — and I hope you do.

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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