We’re always learning

I’ve been at battle with my skin lately.

The mean voice of stress started in on me a few weeks ago: ‘Why are you still struggling to keep your skin clear?! You should have this under control by now.’

One thought that reversed the stress cycle came to me while taking a soothing second to collect my thoughts and breath in the fresh Northwest Fall air:

We are always learning.

We are here on Earth to learn, then keep learning, then learn some more. We eventually become skilled enough to even call ourselves masters of a number of things, depending on how deep we go and the time we put in.

Sure, I’ve been an off-and-on student of my own facial care for over 10 years now; Off when my skin is clear, on when my skin gives me problems. But only now that I’m actually reading text books and watching videos dedicated to Esthiology can I actually admit that what I knew about proper skin care barely scratched the surface. In just three weeks of school I’ve read enough about the different skin types, treatments, environmental and physiological factors to really understand my own skin.

I’ve learned that my skin has a fire-element to it that reacts unfavorably to heat and spicy food (two of my favorite things). With that information, along with a deeper product knowledge, I’ve completely revamped my skin care regimen. I use a mild, cooling mask made by Aveda 2-3 times per week. I wash my face with a foaming cleanser once a day, instead of twice, because this is better for sensitivity. I take greater doses of specific vitamins and omit lots of spices from my diet. As a result, my skin is getting calmer with each day that passes. This morning I woke up with clear skin, which felt amazing.

What does this tell me? That there’s always an opportunity to learn more, and to eventually master the thing you’ve been battling for years. If you catch yourself making the same mistakes or getting angry at yourself for not knowing, keep in mind that each one of us is a student. We’re all learning. If you get caught in a snag today, you have tomorrow. And tomorrow, you’ll know even more than you do today.

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: Super Furry Librarian / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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