Signs that you’re totally crushing on yourself

Loving oneself can feel astonishingly similar to the twitterpated, warm rush of feels you get from falling for someone else. Nothing is more empowering than courting your inner badass with fancy dates, shiny presents, and some good ol’ tlc.

Chances are you may be a little bit enamored with yourself – I mean, who wouldn’t be!? – if you catch yourself doing the following things:

  1. You buy yourself fresh bouquets of flowers, on a whim
  2. You send yourself love notes
  3. You’ve been caught ogling your own Facebook profile picture before
  4. You say Oh, Hell No to things and people that drag you down
  5. You say Hell Yes to things and people that build you up
  6. Instead of falling asleep with a head full of self-doubt, you take those last moments of your night to think about all the ways in which you are a dazzling, wonderful, beautiful creature
  7. After you make a mistake, you spend more time looking for the lesson learned than beating up on yourself
  8. You treat yourself to a personal date night every so often – You cook exactly what you want, pamper yourself with a nice bath and amazing smelling body lotion, and pop on your favorite show or movie
  9. You make a point to tell the people you love just how wonderful you think they are, because you know how big a few small words can feel
  10. You differentiate who you are from the negative voice that feeds off picking you apart
  11. You bet big on yourself, even when no one else does
  12. You care enough about your mental wellbeing to seek help from a professional when things get tough
  13. After hanging out with jerks, you think to yourself, ‘I’m so glad I’m not them’
  14. You actually enjoy being alone on a weekend night
  15. You have a Pinterest board full of motivational quotes
  16. You can’t get enough of Positively Positive, The Daily Love, Marie Forleo … or any self-empowering, feel-good blog
  17. You know that your greatest weapon is that people underestimate you
  18. You enjoy the things you do outside of work – antiquing, hiking, your weekly dance yoga class, charity work – whatever it is, because they are so you
  19. You give yourself a monthly/quarterly allowance just for a facial, massage, mani-pedi … whatever makes you feel cared for and treated
  20. You eat when you’re hungry, rest when you’re tired, and generally take care of yourself
  21. You’ve signed up for a meditation seminar, a yoga retreat, a self-love course, a silent retreat, or any self-help workshop
  22.  You’ve been known to dance while you cook, shower, or as a main method of transportation from room-to-room
  23. You have actually said to yourself, “I’m freaking awesome!” after doing something completely mediocre and mundane
  24. You think “I wonder if…” more than “I could never”
  25. You let other people compliment you, even if only on occasion
  26. You recognize that sometimes people admire things about you that you can’t see, and instead of trying to prove them wrong, you work on proving to yourself that they are right

With courage, self-love, and intensity,


Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

13 thoughts on “Signs that you’re totally crushing on yourself

  1. I want to plaster this all over social media and make sure everyone takes a second out of their day to do at least 5 of the things on this list every day. I LOVE this. I am not modest when it comes to saying that I love myself and showing myself by being kind and considerate and pampering myself. SO happy that you do the same-we all should.

  2. I so love this list, lovely! I noticed such a big change every since I took my time for myself and did things that I really wanted to do. You can be there for others, but you have to there for yourself as well. ❤

    And nr. 21 "You’ve been known to dance while you cook, shower, or as a main method of transportation from room-to-room" – YES!! Let me get my leg warmers!

    • Hahah love it! You and I need to find a way to have a dance party one of these days. And yes, I totally noticed a big change when I started doing nice things for myself. Like you said, it’s a good thing to not only be there for others, but nourish yourself.

  3. “dance… as a main method of transportation from room-to-room”

    I love this. All of this. Everything about this. And – I am totally guilty of having a huge crush on myself. (I also wonder why everybody doesn’t just instalike me when they first meet me!)

    I do have a few work-in-progress areas, mainly when I make mistakes. But then again, I need to be a work-in-progress because perfection is so utterly boring!

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