Going on 30

As I embark on the final month of my twenties and gear up for the big 3-0, I have to take this moment to give thanks to age 29 (and year 2014) for teaching me the following:

  1. How to write a solid, multi-page business plan
  2. The fundamentals, struggles, and deep satisfaction of running my own business
  3. It’s never too late to make a career change
  4. How to start all over again
  5. How to make a model photo-shoot ready in 30 minutes to an hour
  6. How much I love to do makeup
  7. The chaos/rush of working backstage for runway shows
  8. Being an esthetician is pretty awesome
  9. Lime Crime is a thing that exists and I’m in lurrrrrve with it
  10. New Orleans is a MAGICAL gemstone and the place to have a bachelorette party
  11. My friends are continuing to make painfully adorable babies and/or adopt painfully adorable pets
  12. Where the best doughnuts in Portland are (hint: they aren’t at Voodoo Donuts, #sorrynotsorry)*
  13. I am an HSP
  14. The devastating, breath-stealing pain of losing a very special someone, only made bearable by the loving support from friends and family that makes you feel so surprisingly not alone
  15. What Maya Angelou meant when she said that “success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”

With courage, love, intensity, and a grateful heart,


* here’s another hint: http://www.bluestardonuts.com/

Photo credit: http://instagram.com/daniel_nelson

One thought on “Going on 30

  1. As I too approach my #dirtythirty year, i can truly identify with this blog. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: You are my inspiration when it comes to following one’s dreams and not feeling it’s too late to start something new! Thanks for the blog, love! Miss ya!

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