Letters to yourself

Do you ever send letters to yourself? Whenever I receive a letter from someone else, I experience the best rush of feelings. First it’s the shock of surprise, then a warm sensation runs from my heart outwards, then child-like excitement to find out what they are sharing with me.

Imagine being able to do that for yourself! This morning, I received a letter that I wrote to ‘Future Kristen’ in early April using FutureMe.org. When I wrote it, I picked what was at the time an arbitrary delivery date of May 15th. At that point, I wasn’t sure where my business was going. I also had not yet been approached by the Indie Chicks about contributing an article to their amazing magazine.

As tends to be the case for me, when it rains, it pours. The past two weeks, my business has been soaked – in the very best way – with multiple clients per day coming in to receive all kinds of services. So many mothers and daughters have treated themselves to the ‘Wine & Shine’ Mother’s Day offer this month, which has allowed me to share in their celebrating while my mom is hundreds of miles away. On top of services, people are loving the product lines that I use – so much so that I’ve had to place multiple orders from 100% Pure and Tarte for my clients to purchase.

And today, I am a contributor to one of my all-time favorite magazines, The Indie Chicks. You can read my article, Signs that You’re Totally Crushing on Yourself, here. I get excited about a lot of things, on a regular basis, but having my writing featured on a site I love so much — it makes me hyperventilate a lil bit!!

In the theme of writing, and the amazing power it has to set opportunities in motion, I want you guys to take just five minutes out of your week to write the Future You a letter. Maybe you’re in a rough place right now, and you need a place to vent. Maybe you have some major deadlines to attack, and you want to send yourself a reminder to celebrate when those projects are completed. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself to hit a milestone in 30 days, and having a future check-in email will motivate you to keep going. Whatever it is, this letter will be a wonderful asset to you, simply in that it will remind you of where you were vs. where you are now.

If you want a reference, here’s the letter I wrote to myself on FutureMe.org:

Dear Future Kristen,

It’s your first day of being a small business owner for Natural Glow and I’m really proud of you. You’ve hustled so hard to get where you are, and it’s incredibly brave to open your own business.

A few things went really well today. You realized how organized you are when you found your Square scanner and licenses in a labeled folder in your office. You also got your first paycheck in over a year. You got to the spa early and gave yourself plenty of time to set up. The place looks, and smells, amazing.

You didn’t have any clients today, it’s true, but it’s only your first day. And it’s a Monday. And you still need to market yourself like crazy, make a sign to display outside, and send a whole lot of friendly emails :). You got a little discouraged today, then picked your mood back up with some essential oils, tea, and some stretching.

I hope by the time this email reaches you, you will have had your first Natural Glow client, and many, many more. You can do this. Hustle more, be okay with failing, and meet lots of people who need your services.

Lots of love, you rock, 

It’s gratifying to see how far you can go in just one month. This letter reminds me of just how discouraged I was in my first couple days of having 0 clients, something I had forgotten. It also gives me the boost I need to keep working hard to see how much further I go next month, and the month after that, and the one after that.

I’m off to go write another letter to myself, to be sent on another ‘arbitrary’ date. What will you write in the letter to your future self?

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: http://flashesofstyle.blogspot.com/

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