Stop standing in your own way

I feel strong, but not all the time.

I feel courageous, but not all the time.
I feel smart, but not all the time.
I feel beautiful, but not all the time.

It’s okay to think highly of yourself.
It’s even okay to sometimes not.

When I’m beginning a painting, I rarely like how it looks.
I lack confidence in my ability to ‘fix’ it.
Sometimes it takes days to stir up the motivation
to see through the final result.

When an idea for a post hits me hard,
it flows through me and onto my notebook paper effortlessly,
like a creek rushing over rocks,
leaving me feeling both energized and relieved.

Whether you feel strong or courageous or smart or beautiful or not,
whether it comes easily or not,

you are capable of creating something amazing.
All it takes is the decision to keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

If you’re like me, the days you treat yourself the best, you move the fastest,
and the days you neglect your well being, you feel gravity pinning you down.

Keep moving.
Punch gravity in the face.
Stop standing in your own way.

Photo credit: Helga Weber / / CC BY-ND

2 thoughts on “Stop standing in your own way

  1. “Punch gravity in the face!” <– I love it.

    I'm been lurking here for a while and thought I should introduce myself. I'm Jennie, and while I found your blog through, it also came highly recommended by Morgan Siem. She says you were an awesome roommate at BOLD. Pleasure to meet you and read your thoughts!

    • Hey Jennie!

      Thanks so much for reading my thoughts, ha :). Morgan has only amazing things to say about you, too. Your blog is awesome. Nice to meet you, would be great to chat or collaborate some time.

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