Don’t settle

Dear in-a-hurry (or in-between, or in-between-and-in-a-hurry-to-figure-shit-out),

Right now your life may feel like it’s getting away from you. It may feel as though you are being too picky. Like you’re stuck in the grey-zone that is indecision. Like you are waiting and waiting for something to set you back on track, but you have no idea what that is and you are seriously doubting it will come.

Two words: Don’t settle.

Don’t go into yet another relationship with someone you’ve made a connection with simply because they are a nice person and the sex is good. Don’t move into an apartment that has all the basic amenities, but is far from where you want to live. Don’t start a job just like the last one you left.

Strike when it feels so right that you can’t imagine not. Jump head first into love, when you know more than a few things about the other person. When you know more than a few things about yourself. And above all else, when you know that the way you want to feel every day – centered, vibrant, creatively stimulated – is how you feel with him or her.

Move into the house that feels like home. That fits all the check boxes on your list. That has the location, the backyard, the private bathroom. The things that you’ve wanted so very badly but deprived yourself of many times in the past, just so that you didn’t have to search any longer.

Dive into your passions, without any idea if money or stable employment will come from them. It’s when you’re doing what you love – the thing that lights you on fire and scares you to death at once – that you’ll find the people and connections that take you further than you could ever imagine.

Don’t settle, if for no other reason than you deserve to not. Settling means not having faith in the journey. It means going against that persistent, always-there voice inside that tells you to keep going – or to leave that relationship, job or lifestyle that just doesn’t feel right.

No, settling won’t be the worst thing you can possibly do in your life. But don’t you deserve the best? When you look back at those times when you decided to go with what felt right, even if that meant swimming in unchartered waters, aren’t you happy you did?

“We are all here to do the best we can. And every last one of us can do better than give up.” ~ Cheryl Strayed

Special shout out to my friend Nate. Our conversation yesterday inspired this post in a big way.

With courage, love, and intensity,

Photo credit: Krissy.Venosdale / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

12 thoughts on “Don’t settle

  1. In 3 weeks I’m heading to the other side of the world because I don’t want to settle! Hoping it will help me become a better person in myself and see life in different ways 🙂 Great post Kristen!

  2. I strive to live my life the way you capture it through words. Another brilliant post. When are you writing a book because I would like to read that?! haha

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