All the things (part one)

All The Things (part one)

A running list of all the things I love. Because there’s no better way to pull myself out of a funk than to appreciate what’s around me.

I love:

  1. handwritten letters in the mail from friends who just want to share what’s going on in their daily life
  2. the clickity clack of my dog’s nails as she excitedly tap dances into my room after me
  3. the sound of rain falling outside my bedroom window, and how much sweeter it sounds from the comfort of my bed covers
  4. discovering a morning ritual that gets me too excited to hit the snooze button
  5. that moment when you first realize you share the same humor as someone who seemed so different or standoffish; that first shared laugh where your eyes and their eyes light up in the recognition of, ‘hey, you’re not so bad after all’
  6. chunky sneakers and clunky boots, because I think feet have a lot to say
  7. finding just enough wine left in the bottle to enjoy a small glass before bed, after that ass kick of a day
  8. when little kids smile and laugh with strangers, as if sharing a great joke with an old friend
  9. that rush of energy that happens once in a while when you are writing and, out of nowhere, you’ve uncovered a great truth about yourself or the world around you
  10. commercials with unrecognizable songs that send goosebumps up my neck, that I need to Shazam RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE.
  11. that one text from that one friend that comes in at the exact right moment
  12. seeing people jamming out in their car during bumper-to-bumper traffic, reminding me that being an angry driver is a choice
  13. dimmer lights and bath tubs in fancy hotels, which can turn an ordinary night into a luxurious night of pampering
  14. staring out my living room windows at the gorgeous Portland city-scape at night, with all of it’s lights and colors, and pretending that it’s a piece of living art that only I own
  15. This

Your turn. What do you love?

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: *Zephyrance – don’t wake me up. / Foter / CC BY-ND

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