Top ten posts of 2013

If you’ve never been here, or even if you have, here are ten of my proudest posts. The top ten of 2013, in no particular order:

1. How to get over yourself + tap into your secret power

“…We get so overwhelmed with our own inner conflicts, our insecurities, our assumptions. When all we are tuning into is ourselves, we create a wall between us and whoever we are with. It’s an invisible wall, but make no mistake that other people can feel it…”

2. Don’t settle

“…Two words: Don’t settle.

Don’t go into yet another relationship with someone you’ve made a connection with simply because they are a good person and the sex is nice. Don’t move into an apartment that has all the basic amenities, but is far from where you want to live. Don’t start a job just like the last one you left…”

3. The s word

“…Instead of really being able to enjoy said hook ups, I freak out, avoid the guy to the point of sometimes never talking to him again, and hope I can keep it together until my next relationship.

It’s recently occurred to me that this is a bullshit way to approach sex and my single life…”

4. Little miss people pleaser

“…Dear Little Miss People Pleaser,

Thank you for helping me survive the last five and a half years of Corporate America, where office politics and drama run rampant. You kept me clear from most of the chaos, in the safe observer role, and you made me an easier colleague for others to work with. I appreciate you for allowing me to maintain solid work relationships and preventing me from burning bridges.

You are no longer necessary in my life, I realize now…”

5. Why are we so focused on finding ‘the one’?

“…When it comes down to it, I value relationships more than my career. So why have I been so much more willing to experiment in love, something that it terrifies me to think of losing or not having in the future?…”

6. Thoughts on successful relationships

“…When you feel empowered, you feel confident and whole as opposed to needy and lacking. And the more in touch you are with yourself, the more likely you know what kind of person you’d like to be with…”

7. What I’ve learned about fear

“…Because how are you really going to know, and how much time are you going to waste, before you just effing DO something?…”

8. How to get unstuck

“…It’s common to talk yourself out of something gutsy, when most of the people around you are not taking the kind of risks you want to take. Everyone has dreams, and it’s the bold ones who actually take their dreams seriously enough to move toward them…”

9. The hidden benefits of sobriety

“…The truth is, ever since I turned 21 I don’t think I’ve gone more than 4 weeks without drinking. I can’t think of a single wedding where I haven’t gotten hammered. And it’s not just after a long day of work that I want a drink… It’s after a day of painting, or writing, or meeting new people. I’ve noticed that when I accomplish something impressive, the way I want to celebrate is with a drink…”

10. What really matters

“…It’s not the ex who cheated, the party you didn’t get invited to, the person who cut you off from the lane over. What really matters is how you process + surpass that crappy day at work and that picture you wish you weren’t tagged in and the news someone you loved deceived you…”

As the one-year anniversary of the blog approaches, I just want to thank you for reading. It’s been an amazing journey into my creative side and inner writer. What an exciting privilege it’s been to share my world with you all.



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