Thoughts while riding on a bus, part one

It recently occurred to me, somewhere along the bus route from North Portland to Southeast, that the people who are skeptical about the existence of miracles, or love at first sight, or the meaning behind coincidences, are the same people who don’t experience these things. And the reason they don’t experience these things, I’m here to argue, is because they are unknowingly blocking these forces from their life.

Perhaps these people aren’t allowing good things to enter their lives because of all the worry, and over-thinking, and negative energy their thoughts put out into the environment. It’s the kind of energy that other people can sense. Like an unpleasant smell, people don’t want to be around it.

I used to be that person who shrugged off coincidences and smirked at miracles. I had low-to-no expectations, so as not to be disappointed. I would say things like ‘everything happens for a reason,’ not because I fully believed it but moreso because I wanted to believe it.

Life wasn’t so colorful back then. It wasn’t so full of miracles and coincidences. It sort of just happened, as I sat back and watched. There were highs and lows, sure. I was constantly thanking the universe for my friends, my family, my special little moments of happiness. But I felt out of touch with my inner purpose, and unsure of how to feel more in control of my life.

Today, my life and the way I approach it feels vastly different than that. I feel excited by each person I meet, street I explore, mountain I climb. I’m in the moment, oftentimes enjoying at least some aspect of what surrounds me. And by flipping my perspective, from passive rider to present driver, I’ve changed my experience. If it’s true that “coincidences mean you are on the right track,” then I must be doing something right.

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: TheeErin / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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