Why I Choose Marriage

When my friend Nate asked me if I wanted to guest post for his amazing blog, The Loveumentary, I was thrilled. If you aren’t familiar, The Loveumentary examines true love one couple at a time; Nate sits down with super happy pairs from all over the country and pulls out some of the most insightful and moving love stories you’ll ever hear.

Fortunately, Nate also welcomes opinionated souls like myself to guest post, no matter how in love, in lust, or in-between we are. Today, my piece on marriage was released to the Loveumentary masses. It took several weeks for me to settle on a topic to write about, but I put my heart into it and I hope you guys enjoy it.

❤   Link to article here  ❤

I am currently reading Sex at Dawn and the message I’m receiving from it is humans love sex (a LOT, and like all the time) and monogamy doesn’t come naturally to us. That part about monogamy messes with me a bit. I think it’s natural to be attracted to multiple people at once, and even the most devoted of us feel temptation by the other sex from time to time. But, I think many of us can also identify with the feeling of only having eyes for one person. Monogamy and marriage feel right for me, though I wasn’t always sure that I was up for either.  I understand monogamy may not be right for everyone, and I’m certainly not here to argue that point.

I’m standing up for marriage, at a time when divorce rates are so high and we have so many other options, because at its best, it brings out the best in both partners.

With courage, love, and intensity,


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