Fall in love with life

Less than three weeks ago, I made a list of five things to achieve in 90 days. This exercise was lead by the lovely Amber Rae, and her first instruction was to write down 25 things we want to accomplish. From there, we had to circle five of the most important ones. Those five became our main focus areas; the rest, Amber explained with a smile, we had to avoid. Groans filled the room, as it pained us to set aside the other 20 dreams and projects.

It’s become clear how powerful this exercise is in getting shit done. When you force yourself to focus on less things, more energy and better effort can go toward them. Looking at my original list, I’ve crossed off three items already! And the beauty of the exercise is, when you cross an item off the small list, you can pull over an item from your original list of 25.

One goal I set was to have my writing published in another blog or website that has a circulation of 10s of 1000s of readers. Today, I’m happy to see my story up on Revolution.is:

Check out ‘Fall in love with life’ here.

Huge thanks to Amber Rae and Vivek Mayasandra for believing in my writing, to Ben for proof reading and soul talking, and all of you for being my cheerleaders. I’m seeing my dreams come true, and it all started with one little decision I made in December to leave my job.

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: Spencer Finnley / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

5 thoughts on “Fall in love with life

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  2. I really like the way you brought it back around to show the fruition of a single decision you made months ago. It’s important to chart your progress. You inspired me to write a similar post!

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  4. Ohh I like this exercise… I may just have to do it myself!

    p.s. It’s very surreal to be on your list of people to meet… glad we made it happen! ❤

    • Yes! Definitely recommend doing the exercise. And your blog has meant more to me in the last 12 months than you know — it was even more inspiring to get to chat in person with such an awesome lady!

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