Taking leaps at the Bold Academy

Yesterday was the final day of Bold Academy SF, an unforgettable experience that has impacted my life beyond measure. In ten days, I felt more inspired than I’ve felt in five years. My mind and body were exercised daily, sometimes to an extreme amount.

I feel pressure to write a mind-blowing post, but to be honest, I need some time to sit in my thoughts. This meal needs to be digested. I’m equal parts overwhelmed and sleep-deprived.

One of my biggest takeaways from the interactions I had with fellow Bolders was that showing the ugly truths will get you much further than telling pretty lies. While at Bold Academy, I bonded super quickly with my two roommates, in large part due to the openness we had with one another. On our second night, I decided to share an aspect of myself I often keep hidden. When the response was “you have to write about this on your blog,” suddenly the three of us were connected on a deeper level and I felt totally free.

I came into the Bold Academy ten days ago with three key needs: A network of support, momentum to really succeed at this blogging thing, and an idea of where I want my career path to go. I’m leaving the Bold Academy with these things, and so much more. I am leaving with the intention to do epic shit, take my ideas seriously, and inspire others to lean into their fears.

I will stop ignoring the things that give me goosebumps, and instead will start creating the life I want. I will embarrass myself freely and often, if it means connecting more deeply with others and pushing them to embrace their own eccentricities.

More to come about my Bold Academy experience, as I recover from ten intense days of deep self discovery, belly laughs, soul talks, and impromptu dance parties.

With courage, love, and intensity,


Photo credit: Ben Tseitlin

8 thoughts on “Taking leaps at the Bold Academy

  1. Love this and love you. So proud and honored to be one of your roommies. You’re right – that was the pivotal moment when the three of us bonded at a whole new level. I can’t wait to see the impact that post will make on countless people around the world. You are brave and bold and beautiful and honest and loving.

    Keep up the blogging! Mwah!

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