Portland moments

Greetings from a hip coffee shop in Southeast Portland, where I sit amongst a sea of other 20- and 30-something Mac users, enjoying a honey vanilla latte. Being fun-employed and high on life makes it easy for me to instantly connect with this low-key city. Purple hair, serious beards, and micro breweries are on every block. It has the bridges of San Francisco, and the cool mountain air of the Northwest.

While I’ve been here, I’ve partook in a dog birthday party (yes, the dogs were dressed up and it was the cutest thing ever), reconnected with old friends at a local rock show, and had drinks with Mayor Hales and his lovely wife Nancy. It’s been an amazing week, and I’m stoked to have one last day here to wander through the cute neighborhoods and bike-filled streets.

If you have a chance to visit, here are some recommendations of things to do. My top ten Portland moments:

  1. Sipping Bloody Marys at Clyde Common, in the Ace Hotel
  2. Snapping photos of the colorful buildings in Nob Hill
  3. Drinking in the fresh, wild air along the Multnomah Falls hiking paths (half hour drive away)
  4. Splitting an $11 flight of delicious and unique beers at Burnside Brewery
  5. Perusing the never-ending aisles of books, ranging in topics from moustaches to sex to travel, in Powell’s bookstore
  6. Munching greasy-yet-vegan bar food at Sweet Hereafter
  7. Walking through Portland’s famous Zupan’s Market in the hip Belmont neighborhood, if only to peep the huge beer selection
  8. Taking the three-mile path along the Columbia River on Hayden Island for morning and evening jogs
  9. Having a girl date (or guy date) over French 77s (St Germaine, gin, lemon juice) and appetizers at the Sapphire Hotel
  10. Reconnecting with old friends over a rock show at Star Theatre

My friend Melissa was my constant companion during the latter part of this trip, which lead to non-stop laughter and my learning a lot about her favorite show, Portlandia. Last night, we must have watched twenty different clips of Fred Armisen before drifting off to sleep. I’m not sure how accurately the show depicts Portland lifestyle, only being here a week, but this may give you an idea (or at least a good laugh):

I’m off to check out Mount Tabor Park and soak up some more of the cool Portland vibe. Who knows, this may be my new home in a few months!

With courage, love and intensity,


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